Data Lists

Company data

Toyo Keizai Fundamentals provides comprehensive financial statements for all listed companies in Japan. We provide all items for annual and quarterly data from Tanshin(flash reports), Yuho(similar to Form10-K) and Shiho(similar to Form10-Q) disclosure reports with daily update. We have historical data from at most 1980's, and we maintain the database accurately day by day. You can use Toyo Keizai Fundamentals for time series analysis or cross-sectional analysis.
Toyo Keizai Estimates
Toyo Keizai Estimates provides comprehensive earnings forecasts information for all listed companies in Japan for two terms. Our analysts report every company directly and make an original forecast. We have trusted by both individual and institutional investors in Japan as well as overseas.
Major shareholder database
“Major shareholder database” provides shareholders’ information for all listed companies in Japan. Based on Toyo Keizai’s original survey, we give clients, at most, top 30 shareholders’ information.
Overseas Japanese Companies Data
Toyo Keizai’s Overseas Japanese companies database (hereafter referred to as “OJC database”) is one of the largest database in Japan about Japanese company’s expansion overseas. OJC is based on the annual questionnaire survey Toyo Keizai has carried out for 40 years.By means of information of equity participation relationship by parents as well, you can analyze corporate strategies and cooperative relationships of each Japanese companies.
CSR Data
You can use digital data of “CSR Company Hand Book”. This product is the most prominent and huge database for CSR information in Japan. We conduct a comprehensive survey of all listed and major un-listed companies and gain effective results of about 1,590 companies.
Company's characteristics and outlook from Shikiho
Compiled a compilation of the outlook part, which describes the "present" of each company listed in the "Company quarterly report", the characteristics of the company, areas of specialty, position and share in the industry, capital series, history We offer the characteristics part.
Facilities investment,R&D,and Depreciation
The data compiles the actual figures and predicted figures of facilities investment,R&D expenditure and depreciation of listing companies recorded in "Shikiho".
For more than 100 years, from the end of the 19th century, we have consistently watched Japanese economy and distributed detailed information.We can provide a variety of Japanese companies’ information in diverse ways according to your needs.For all investors in Japan, “Kaisha Shikiho”, publishing every quarter, is indispensable to analyze listed companies. “JAPAN COMPANY HANDBOOK” is English version of “Kaisha Shikiho” and informs detailed companies information outside Japan. Taking account of users needs, we provide PDF images data or text data extracting from “JAPAN COMPANY HANDBOOK”.
Company's Profile Data
We provide profiles of listed companies that compiled the company's history, major products / services, position and share in the industry, etc. in about 200 words(Japanese).
Fundamentals Summary
This database has major items of financial results and valuations for listed companies in Japan, based on “Yuho” report.Latest 11 fiscal years information are stored so that users can analyze companies for long term.Moreover, industry average information are also recorded in this product. You can analyze each company within its industry.
TREND3EPOT is the service that enables you to utilize our databases. You can manuplate a variety of our data products such as Toyo Keizai Estimates and Fundamentals in a single relational database. TREND3EPOT is a normalized RDB, and so can be easily integrated with your system. As linking our data products with another one, you can flexibly pursue various analyses you want.
Affiliates data
The data is information on domestic subsidiaries and affiliated companies of listed companies, which shows the relationship between the parent company and the subsidiary of the listed company, including the investment ratio in subsidiaries and affiliates