TREND3EPOT is the service that enables you to utilize our databases. You can manuplate a variety of our data products such as Toyo Keizai Estimates and Fundamentals in a single relational database. TREND3EPOT is a normalized RDB, and so can be easily integrated with your system. As linking our data products with another one, you can flexibly pursue various analyses you want.

Why Toyo Keizai?

You can get the date when the data had been updated by using TREND3EPOT's revison history.
Normalized RDB
TREND3EPOT is a normalized RDB, so it reduce redundancy and data capacity.
Data linkage
As TREND3EPOT is a single RDB, it enables you to combine one data with another easily such as Fundamentals and Estimates.


  • ✔︎  Research a company attribute information  
      With use of TREND3EPOT's revision history, you can get the historical data, the changes in Nikkei 225 and so on.  
  • ✔︎  Research a list of companies experienced a specific event  
      You can select a list of companies which experienced IPO, delisted and renamed.  
  • ✔︎  Time series / Cross-sectional analysis  
      You can easily compare the financial results between companies.  


Service Contents Company Basic Data/Earning Estimates Data/Financial Fundamental Data/Sector Information Data/Market Related Data
Delivery Internet FTP (GET or PUT)
Product Form Relational Database
Recommended System Requirements Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Oracle 11g