For Academic Purposes

TOYO KEIZAI's database is utilized broadly by universities and other academia. If the use is for academic research, you may be eligible for a discounted price. We can provide specifications and sample data. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Products for Academic Research

Company data

Major Shareholders Database
Database containing information on major shareholders of all listed companies in Japan. Contains information on the top 30 major shareholders compiled through TOYO KEIZAI’s original survey, compared to YUHO annual securities reports (equivalent to SEC Form 10-K) which disclose only the top 10. Can be utilized for various purposes including liquidity analyses and estimation of free float weights of listed companies.
Overseas Japanese Companies Data
TOYO KEIZAI has been conducting an annual survey on the activities of overseas subsidiaries and affiliates of Japanese companies for over 50 years, the results of which are published annually as Overseas Activities of Japanese Companies (KAIGAI SHINSHUTSU KIGYO SORAN). "Overseas Japanese Companies Data" provides data of "Overseas Activities of Japanese Companies (KAIGAI SHINSHUTSU KIGYO SORAN)" as a database. It contains data on 33,211 Japanese companies in approximately 140 countries worldwide. We are providing data from the 1991 issue to date, which can be utilized for various purposes, such as to conduct a time series analysis of the overseas development strategies of Japanese companies or to extract a potential customer list for use by local companies.
CSR Data
Provides a database compiled from data extracted from the company data book "CSR Company Hand Book" that TOYO KEIZAI has been publishing since 2006. Major features of the database are the extensive range of item fields (approximately 1,000 in the current issue) and company coverage (approximately 1,700 in the current issue) together with the rich historical data (from 2006 onward). The data is used not only by business companies to analyze the initiatives of their competitors, but also for screening investment targets as well as extracting ESG factors for use in ESG investment.
Facilities investment, R&D and Depreciation
The database is comprised of data on actual and projected facilities investment, R&D expenditure, and depreciation expenses published in KAISHA SHIKIHO. It contains undisclosed information that we compile through our independent research. Generally undisclosed information on projected facilities investment, R&D expenditure, and depreciation expenses are compiled through surveys of each company.
Fundamentals Data Digest
Covers main accounts of the financial statements and financial ratios for use in financial/management analyses for the latest 11 fiscal years based on YUHO annual security reports. It also contains industry average data (by industry segments defined by the stock exchanges) to allow comparison of market position in the industry segments.
TREND3EPOT is a relational database (RDB) service provided by TOYO KEIZAI.  You can utilize multiple databases such as TOYO KEIZAI Estimates Data, Company Earnings Guidance Data, and Fundamentals through TREND3EPOT, allowing use of our databases across the board to conduct analyses such as comparison of TOYO KEIZAI Estimates Data against Company Earnings Guidance Data.
Affiliates data
Database of information on consolidated subsidiaries and affiliated companies of all listed companies in Japan. Containing information including the relationship between the parent company and the subsidiary, as well as the shareholding ratio of the parent company in its subsidiaries and affiliates, the database can be utilized for a wide range of purposes such as in relation to insider trading regulations for securities companies or credit control of financial institutions.