About us

When investing or analyzing, data is definitely important. Ever since our founding in 1895 we have published economic books and magazines. And in tandem with publishing, we have focused on collecting statistical and corporate data. Our highly accurate corporate data is widely trusted by many companies and investors, and now we are well known for our unique surveys.

Our Services
Supporting Economic, Investment, and Research Activities

In-Depth data on stock-listed companies
Our data covers all listed companies and it is frequently maintenanced by our team.
Corporate information from varied perspectives
We conduct data collection and analyses from unique points of view, like overseas expansion and affiliates. We also delve into major companies, in concern to major stock holders and corporate groups. We provide corporate information from multifaceted perspectives.
Regional data
Coverage on regional data, from regional economic statistic data to basic municipal information, regional characteristic survey data, and large-scale research complexes.

KAISHA SHIKIHO, the Japanese most famous quarterly company handbook, has been publishing since 1936. It contains information on all listed companies' finances, board members, major shareholders, and so on.In particular, earning estimates calculated by our analysts are highly evaluated by many investors. At present, it is indispensable for every investors in Japan.Our data products are based on KAISHA SHIKIHO and we provide data with financial institutions and companies.