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Cross Shareholdings Database

This database features collected and standardized publicly available information from annual securities reports as well as cross shareholdings data of all listed companies.
The database provides a list of cross-shareholdings of all listed companies, including those in the financial industry.
It can be useful for research on parties with strong ties through mutual cross-shareholdings, analysis of cross-shareholding ratios compared with other companies in the same industry, as well as analysis of competitor trends.
It may also be made use of as an alternative data for use as a variable for big data and machine learning.


Coverage All listed companies including financial institutions (excluding the Bank of Japan, foreign companies, ETFs, preferred shares, subsidiary tracking stocks, etc.)
Fields Fields
[Provides information on share investments whose purpose of holding is other than pure investment, such as "specified investment shares" and "deemed holding shares" listed in the Corporate Governance, etc. section of annual securities reports.]

Reporting company name/Reporting company SIC code/Held stock/Held stock SIC code/Number of shares held/Balance sheet amount/Purpose of holding/Cross-shareholding flag/Corporate action type/Allocation rate, etc.
Data Format CSV file
Data History Available from the fiscal year ended March 2019
Frequency Updated quarterly (February, May, August, November)
Guidance of Free Float Weight Dataset On April 4, 2022, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) announced the restructuring of its stock market into three new market segments, Prime Market, Standard Market, and Growth Market. The restructure made it necessary for TSE to revise the calculation method of the TOPIX index. TSE decided to use for reference purposes TOYO KEIZAI's database (TOYO KEIZAI Major Shareholders Database / Total Listed Shares Database / Board Members Shares Database / Treasury Shares Database / Cross-Shareholdings Shares Database) for TOPIX's revised calculation method of free float weights.

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