Cross Shareholdings Database

This database collects and standardizes publicly available information from annual securities reports and contains cross shareholdings database of all listed companies.
We provide a list of policy shareholdings of all listed companies, including those in the financial sector.
The database can be used for research on cross-shareholdings with strong ties, analysis of policy shareholding ratios compared to other companies in the same industry, and analysis of trends among competitors.
You can also use it as one of the alternative data, as a variable for big data or machine learning.


Coverage All listed companies in Japan excluding BOJ, preferred stock, foreign Stock, ETF, REIT, subsidiary tracking stock and so on.
Fields 《Provides information on stock investments whose purpose of holding is other than pure investment, such as 「特定投資株式」 and 「みなし保有株式」listed in the「コーポレート・ガバナンスの状況等」 section of the Annual Securities Report.》
Reporting company name/Reporting company SIC code/Holding company name/Holding company SIC code/Number of shares held/Book value/Purpose of holding/Cross-holding flag/Corporate action type/Allocation rate etc
Data Format CSV file
Data History Since Year ending March 31, 2019
Frequency Quarterly update (Feb/May/Aug/Nov)
Guidance of Free Float Weight Datasets  
Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) announced to restructure its current stock market into three new market segments. Along with the beginning of the new market segments on April 4th 2022, TOPIX will be revised as well. As mentioned on the TSE website, TOYO KEIZAI datasets (TOYO KEIZAI Major Shareholders Database / Total Listed Shares Database / Board Members Shares Database / Treasury Shares Database / Cross-Shareholdings Shares Database) are referred to calculate free-float shares. 

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