Board Members Shares Database

Collects and standardizes information on directors and corporate auditors that each company discloses in its annual securities report. This database contains executive shareholdings of all listed companies.
Calculation of the shareholding ratios of presidents and directors. The data can be used as part of identifying the percentage of fixed shares to the number of shares issued.


Coverage All listed companies in Japan
Fields SIC code/Company Name/Periodend Date/Officer Type Flag/Officer Order/Title /Name /Date Of Birth/Number Of Shares Held/Unit/Disclosed Date etc.
Product Format Text File、Unicode UTF-8
Data History Since Fiscal year ending Jan. 2020
Frequency Quarterly Update(Feb,May,Aug,Nov)
Guidance of Free Float Weight Datasets Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) announced to restructure its current stock market into three new market segments. Along with the beginning of the new market segments on April 4th 2022, TOPIX will be revised as well. As mentioned on the TSE website, TOYO KEIZAI datasets (TOYO KEIZAI Major Shareholders Database / Total Listed Shares Database / Board Members Shares Database / Treasury Shares Database / Cross-Shareholdings Shares Database) are referred to calculate free-float shares. 

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