Toyo Keizai Fundamentals provides comprehensive financial statements for all listed companies in Japan. We provide all items for annual and quarterly data from Tanshin(flash reports), Yuho(similar to Form10-K) and Shiho(similar to Form10-Q) disclosure reports with daily update. We have historical data from at most 1980's, and we maintain the database accurately day by day. You can use Toyo Keizai Fundamentals for time series analysis or cross-sectional analysis.

Why Toyo Keizai?

Long History
This product is one of the biggest financial database in Japan. It contains Yuho Data(1970's~), Tanshin(1985~) and Shiho(2008~).
High Accuracy
We maintain our database not only by using XBRL automation but also manual input with more precision.
Standardize Accounting Standard
As we standardize database, you can use J-GAAP, US-GAAP and IFRS uniformally.


  • ✔︎  For fundamental analysis  
      You can easily compare the financial results which have different accounting standards by using our standardized data.  
  • ✔︎  To calculate sector's ROE and EPS  
      Our database is so flexible that you can calculate not only company unit but also sectoral unit.  
  • ✔︎  Screening investees  
      You can use our financial data to check and screen investment destinations.  


Coverage Yuho reports (similar to Form10-K) : All the Japanese listed companies, major Japanese unlisted companies and J-REITs Listed companies are required by Japanese law to submit “Yuho reports” to the Japanese FSA within 3 months from the end of the fiscal year. These reports must be audited by CPAs.

Shiho reports (similar to Form10-Q) : All the Japanese listed companies. Listed companies are required by Japanese law to submit “Shiho reports” to the Japanese FSA within 45 days from quarterly closing. Shiho reports contain BS, PL and CF statement and information of Business Segment .

Tanshin reports (flash reports) : All the Japanese listed companies(including Pro Market), J-REITs. Tokyo Stock Exchange requires every listed company to disclose quarterly “Tanshin reports” within 45 days from quarterly closing.Tanshin reports contain BS, PL and CF statement.
Data History Yuho Data since 1970’s
Shiho Data since 2008
Tanshin Data since 1985
Product Form RDB(TREND3EPOT)/Vendors feed
Delivery Internet FTP (GET or PUT)
Vendors feed (FactSet, S&P Global Market Intelligence, RIMES, Refinitiv)
Vendors By combining Toyo Keizai’s huge information and vendors’ functional tools, you can analyze companies deeper and more effectively. *Depending on the information vendors’ situation, it may not available on their service. Please contact each information vendors’ customer desk and confirm their services.

Information Vendors cooperate with Toyo Keizai:

S&P Capital IQ
Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)