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Overseas Japanese Companies Data

TOYO KEIZAI has been conducting an annual survey on the activities of overseas subsidiaries and affiliates of Japanese companies for over 50 years, the results of which are published annually as Overseas Activities of Japanese Companies (KAIGAI SHINSHUTSU KIGYO SORAN). "Overseas Japanese Companies Data" provides data of "Overseas Activities of Japanese Companies (KAIGAI SHINSHUTSU KIGYO SORAN)" as a database. It contains data on 33,211 Japanese companies in approximately 140 countries worldwide. We are providing data from the 1991 issue to date, which can be utilized for various purposes, such as to conduct a time series analysis of the overseas development strategies of Japanese companies or to extract a potential customer list for use by local companies.


Coverage 33,211 overseas Japanese companies and 5,397 parents (in 2023)
Historical data: Since 1991
File format A tab separated text file
Items Overseas affiliate company data: Basic information of overseas affiliate companies
Overseas affiliate company code/Country code/Country (English/Kanji)/Name of overseas affiliate company (alphabet/Kanji)/Address (alphabet/Kanji)/Telephone number/Industry code/Industry segment/Line of business/Name of representative/Capital/Number of employees/Number of expatriates from Japan/Date of establishment (investment)/Name of Japanese shareholder; company code; shareholding ratio/Name of joint venture partner; shareholding ratio/Sales (local currency and US$ equivalent)/Investment purpose

Japanese parent company data: Basic information of Japanese parent company
Company code (company code of Japanese parent company)/TOYO KEIZAI code/Listing/Company name/Furigana of Company name/Company name in English/Address/Name of building/Telephone number/Industry code/Industry segment/Capital
Updates Annually June
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