Weekly Toyo Keizai

"Weekly Toyo Keizai" is Japan's oldest weekly magazine, with a history of more than 125 years. Due to its high reliability, it is used and highly regarded as a source of information by institutional and individual investors.

"Weekly Toyo Keizai" is based on the reporting and analysis of financial information cultivated by Kaisha Shikiho, and is written and reported independently by reporters assigned to each industry. The magazine's unique perspective on seasonal economic information has earned it a high degree of trust, especially among corporate management, who hold decision-making authority. Because of its reliability, the magazine is also used as a source of information by institutional and individual investors, and is highly regarded.

History of "Weekly Toyo Keizai"

Toyo Keizai was launched in 1895, the same year as the company's founding. Even during the era of suppression of speech before and during World War II, the magazine never lost its position of liberalism, which was the company motto, and thoroughly maintained its continuous publication. Today, it is the oldest weekly magazine in Japan and is proud to be one of the world's leading economic magazines, second only to Britain's "The Economist" in terms of history when compared to foreign magazines, while still making every effort to create a magazine that lives up to the trust of its readers.

"Weekly Toyo Keizai" was founded under the slogan of "a supervisor of governments, an advisor to businesses, and a provider of information on the world economy”. One of the most important contributors to the development of the magazine was Ishibashi Tanzan, who was the fifth president of the company and later served as prime minister. He advocated ”Little Japanism" in the magazine to oppose the government's military expansion and colonial rule before World War II. This spirit has been passed down through the generations to each and every one of our staff.

Message from our Editorial Team

Since its inception, "Weekly Toyo Keizai" has been supported by readers who seek deeper information. People who are not satisfied with general reports in newspapers and other media, but seek in-depth analysis of the essence of what lies behind the reports and what may happen in the future. We believe that our more than 125-year history is the result of our efforts to provide "real information" on the frontlines of business, in addition to our achievements in reporting based on liberalism, democracy, and international cooperation. We are proud of the large number of ardent fans who read "Weekly Toyo Keizai". Our extensive coverage of all listed companies based on "Kaisha Shikiho" ("Japan Company Handbook") gives us an outstanding advantage in corporate and industrial news. We are also noted for our attention to history and our commitment to international reporting, with a focus on China and other Asian countries. Even in practical articles on investment, medical care, and other topics, the magazine always appeals to the unique nature of the Toyo Keizai by putting an "economic" backbone to its coverage. We has a readership of adults who seek authentic information based on independent thinking. We continue to devote ourselves to being the media of choice for such business leaders and those who aspire to be leaders of the times. Please look forward to the future of "Weekly Toyo Keizai".