CSR Data

You can use digital data of “CSR Company Hand Book”. This product is the most prominent and huge database for CSR information in Japan. We conduct a comprehensive survey of all listed and major un-listed companies and gain effective results of about 1,590 companies.


Coverage Information of 1,593 companies (1,456 listed and 45 un-listed) is recorded on ver. 2020(released in December 2019).
Files and Items 3 categories,3files (Workforce ,CSR overall, and Environment.)

(1) Workforce
No. of employees, average age, years of service, average annual wage, turnover ratio, average overtime hours, management positions, policy for LBGT, health and safety management, maternity leave, paid leave, recruitment, ILO core labor standards, and others.

(2) CSR overall
Executives or departments for CSR, CSR policy, policies on anti-corruption and anti-bribery, ISO 26000, corporate citizenship and political contributions, donations, matching gifts, volunteer activities, participation in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV), collaboration with NPO and NGO, inclusion in SRI indexes, CSR procurement, internal whistleblower hotlines, ISO9000S, Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification, establishment of Business Continuity Plan (BCP), positioning of BOP business, CSR-related awards and others.

(3) Environment
Executives or departments for environment, environmental accounting, environmental preservation cost, greenhouse effect gas emission, total amount of CO2 emission by Scope 3, implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS), environmental laws and regulations, environmental award and others.
Updates Annually in December
History Since ver. 2006 (released in 2005) *Some items are not included in old ver.
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