TREND3EPOT is a relational database (RDB) service provided by TOYO KEIZAI.  You can utilize multiple databases such as TOYO KEIZAI Estimates Data, Company Earnings Guidance Data, and Fundamentals through TREND3EPOT, allowing use of our databases across the board to conduct analyses such as comparison of TOYO KEIZAI Estimates Data against Company Earnings Guidance Data.

Why Toyo Keizai?

  • Point-in-time information
    Each piece of data is equipped with point-in-time information, enabling analysis based on data that were valid at any chosen point in time.
    We also provide adjustment factors for points in time to allow flexible calculation of per-share metrics such as EPS and DPS.
  • Normalized database
    TREND3EPOT is a normalized RDB, contributing to reducing redundancy and data capacity.
  • Allows use of multiple databases through one RDB (data linkage)
    You can use multiple databases provided by TOYO KEIZAI (TOYO KEIZAI Estimates Data, Company Earnings Guidance Data, Fundamentals, etc.) as one RDB.

Sample Use Cases

  • Time Series Analysis and Cross-sectional Analysis
    As the databases are provided as an RDB, you can conduct time series analyses or cross-sectional analyses with ease.
  • Company Attributes Information Analysis
    TREND3EPOT covers company attributes information such as the stock exchange listing market segment, adoption of company shares in share price indexes such as the NIKKEI 225, IPO history.
  • Extensive Contained Fields Only Possible with an RDB
    Multiple accounting principles (J-GAAP, US-GAAP, and IFRS) co-exist in Japan. TREND3EPOT contains more than 3,600 account item fields, capitalizing on the extendable characteristics of an RDB.


Service Contents Company Basic Data/Earning Estimates Data/Financial Fundamental Data/Sector Information Data/Market Related Data
Delivery Internet FTP (GET or PUT)
Product Form Relational Database
Recommended System Requirements Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Oracle 11g

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