• Weekly Toyo Keizai

TOYO KEIZAI ONLINE is the most popular and fresh economic news site in Japan operated by Toyokeizai,Inc.which publishes the Weekly Toyo Keizai, a weeklymagazine that boasts over 120 years of history.

It covers domestic and international topics ranging from business and investments to self-development and lifestyles with more than 100 staff writers and article contributors and has established its reputation in the corporate analysis by the staff writers in particular.

It surpasses others in the news sites operated by business magazines with 265 million page views and 38 million unique users, and its articles are frequently shared on SNS.

The readers range from the top management to the ambitious and innovative business persons working at the frontline. They lead full personal, as well as business, lives and their average annual household income is over $90,000.

Since the renewal of Toyo Keizai Online in November 2012, the numbers of unique browsers (UB) and page views (PV) have been growing, and we are now the No.1 business magazine media in Japan.

Our strengths lie in the categories of business, politics, and economics, but our readership ranges from young people to corporate chairpersons and presidents.

  • 39 years old Living in big city College graduate
  • Married Dual income Have kids Own home Have car
  • Around 1,000 employees Manufacturing company Section/ department chief level
  • Have many chances Domestic and abroad Business trips
  • About $210,600 Financial assets Interested in gold and global investments
  • Several times a year Vacations (domestic and abroad)
  • Interests Fashion and watches
  • 40.1% are Female readers
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