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TOYO KEIZAI Japan CSR Data eBook

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Toyo Keizai Japan CSR Ranking

9th Toyo Keizai CSR Ranking Top700 (2015) 
8th Toyo Keizai CSR Ranking Top700 (2014) 
7th Toyo Keizai CSR Ranking Top700 (2013) 
6th Toyo Keizai CSR Ranking Top700 (2012) *Japanese Only
5th Toyo Keizai CSR Ranking Top500 (2011) *Japanese Only
4th Toyo Keizai CSR Ranking Top200 (2010) *Japanese Only

Japanese CSR Information

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About the Toyo Keizai CSR Survey

The Toyo Keizai Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Survey has been implemented every year since 2005. The current survey is the 10th survey (2014 survey). In June 2014, Toyo Keizai sent questionnaires to all 3,580 listed Japanese companies and unlisted major companies. Toyo Keizai compiled CSR data on 1,305 companies (1,259 listed companies and 46 unlisted companies), comprising 1,171 respondent companies and 134 companies additionally surveyed based on in-house data held by Toyo Keizai.

These survey results were combined with governance-related, “Feature” and other information obtained from Toyo Keizai’s Officers, Shareholders, and Kaisha Shikiho (Japan Company Handbook) data. In doing so, we have prepared a CSR database of companies comprising the following 9 fields: (1) Basic Corporate Data; (2) CSR & Financial Evaluation and Ratings; (3) CSR Overall; (4) Governance, Legal Compliance and Internal Controls; (5) Workforce and HR Utilization; (6) For Consumers and Business Partners; (7) Corporate Citizenship; (8) Relationship Between Companies and Politics; and (9) Environment. Toyo Keizai published the 2015 CSR Kigyo Soran (Directory of CSR Corporations), as a CSR databook covering 1,305 major, leading corporations in Japan.

Using the latest CSR data mentioned above, Toyo Keizai conducted a CSR evaluation (rating) of each company to assess and publish each company’s level of CSR engagement and adequacy. Furthermore, Toyo Keizai added the Financial Evaluation field (rating) that assesses the financial aspects of listed companies (includes certain unlisted companies), enabling readers to grasp each company’s position and adequacy from both CSR and financial perspectives. Each company is evaluated and assigned one of the following five ratings: AAA, AA, A, B and C.

CSR Kigyo Soran Sample (Japanese)

CSR・Financial Rating

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